Delivery Terms


For Ready Stock it may take about 1 - 3 working days (Weekends and public holidays are not included)

For Pre-Order it may take about 10 working days (Weekends and public holidays are not included)

Step 1 - Upon the confirmation of an order, the product will take approximately 3-7 workings days to process to our warehouse in China. However, delay of the aforesaid period may occur on the following factor:

Out of stock- we will inform and consult customer whether to refund the amount paid or replace the item by purchasing other item.

• Supplier needed few days to restock - we will let customer to decide whether to wait or to reclaim the paid amount.

• China domestic logistic delay (due to National Holidays like Chinese New Year and etc.) - uncontrollable situation.

• Supplier sends wrong color/size/quality problem - We will need to forward the said item back to supplier for replacement which will cause few days delay.

• Various items in a single order- If all the items are from different sources, it will take longer period. This is due if one of the item in the order has problem or issues, it will affect and slow down the whole order process.

Step 2- Upon completing step 1, we will repack all purchased items and deliver to our forwarding company. The forwarding company in normal circumstances will take 1 - 2 working days to process the shipment. (For customer who incur second payment on shipping charges, will be notified at this stage).

Step 3- Once the forwarding company provide us a confirmation on the shipment, the goods is duly shipped at the point of the said confirmation. It will normally take about 3-5 working days for the goods to reach your doorstep (West Malaysia). For East Malaysia it may delay for an extra 1-3days.

Hence in the normal condition, the total period of the shipment will take about 10 working days.


We offer only air freight to ship the product from China to Malaysia for the mean time. Normally, it would take about 3-6 working days to deliver from China to Malaysia via Air Freight. However, a delay of up to 14 days may occur to this process due to weather and customs clearance. The dates indicated are always SUBJECT TO CHANGE for reasons that are beyond our control.

For items that are damaged or missing during the international shipment, GoBorong will by default either pay 3 times of the shipping cost or fifty percent of the product purchased cost, whichever is lower. However, this is unlikely and very rare to happen.


GoBorong will handle the parcels with according to Malaysia’s regulation to avoid taxes. GoBorong will assure that the goods to be clear from China custom; however, we are not responsible for the clearance in Malaysia. If the shipment is held up by custom, customer may need to pay extra taxes to reclaim the parcel.

Sensitive items have a greater risk to be taxed by custom. Please read “sensitive item” to understand the terms.

A parcel weighing over 10kg, is likely to be seized by custom and will require pay of tax duties. In this event, we may split the said parcel into 2 parcels.

A parcel with high quantities of identical items may also have issues with custom on the fact that the said parcel is for commercial purposes instead of personal. However, if you intend to purchase in such a manner, please contact our support which we will duly arrange for a proper manner for such purchase.